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Advancement all along the line

All competences combined

High frequency welding equipment for longitudinally welded tubes and heating plants for seamless tubes of different steel alloys, stainless steels and NF metals. One of the biggest advantages for the customer is the overall competence of Elotherm for stable processes harmonized with each other.

Tube technologies
Technologie rund ums Rohr

  • High-frequency tube welding
  • Seam annealing I
  • Quenching
  • Seam annealing II
  • Annealing
  • Coating
  • Quenching and tempering}

Highest energy efficiency

Elotherm has improved the heating process continuously and has implemented it in a highly efficient way. Heat is generated directly in the workpiece, whereby the heating time of the tubes is reduced. Induction systems can be immediately adapted to product changes, for example for diameter or wall thickness changes. With new converter technologies, the induction systems of Elotherm require less energy than comparable facilities.

Induction welding with EloWeld
Induction welding with EloWeld

Increased weld seam quality of
longitudinally welded and heat-treated tubes.
Induction seam annealing with EloSeam
Induction seam annealing with EloSeam
Induction seam annealing of longitudinally
welded tubes witha uniform structure of the
weld seam.
EloTube for tube heating and coating
EloTube for tube heating and coating
Outstanding qualifications for black-annealing
under normal oxygen atmosphere.

Dual annealing line with cooling zone
Dual annealing line with cooling zone
Induction solid-wall pipe annealing
with EloTube combined with EloSeam
seam annealing.
Special induction applications
Special induction applications
As system partner, Elotherm
provides harmonized solutions for
all induction applications.

Eco-friendly technology

In general, induction heating and welding is a clean process. Compared to furnaces operated with fossil fuels, no polluting emissions are generated when the induction technology is applied.


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Induction Solutions:
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