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Quench & temper lines for top grades

Quench & temper for tubes

Quench & temper lines

The induction plants of Elotherm for quenching and tempering of tubes consist of an induction heating section with subsequent quenching facility followed by a tempering section for the setting of the desired hardening parameters. The quench & temper lines of Elotherm are above all convincing by their high efficiency, precision and flexibility compared to conventional gas- or oil-fired furnaces.

Quench & temper for bar steel

The quench & temper lines for long products such as bar steel likewise provide an induction heating section, a cooling section and downstream tempering induction coils. Heating and tempering coils are subdivided into several controllable zones. This has the advantage that each final zone is usable for homogenizing, austenitizing, solution annealing (stainless steels) or for hardness adjustment.
Subunits of a quench & temper line

Subunits of a quench & temper line

Arranged from left to right:

  • Loading station
  • Induction heating, austenitizing
  • Quenching station
  • Tempering and holding section
  • Cooling bed

More productive and more flexible

Within minutes the quench & temper lines of Elotherm can be adjusted to new dimensions, steel grades or special features such as tubes with upset ends. Even if lengths and diameters are different, the production rate (tons per hour) is significantly higher with induction technology than with conventional furnace technology which requires long changeover times and time-consuming adjustments. Due to a high flexibility of the Elotherm induction systems, the availability is many times higher than for conventional furnace technology.

More homogeneous and more high-grade

Thanks to the highly precise induction processes of Elotherm, a very high homogeneity is achieved with regard to the hardness, the mechanical properties and the microstructure when quenching and tempering is performed. After the induction heat treatment, for example, a tolerance range of ± 1 HRC (Rockwell C) over the entire material length is available.

More efficient and more eco-friendly

Quench & temper lines of Elotherm will only consume energy when they are in use. Gas- and oil-fired furnaces by contrast consume an enormous amount of energy also during idling phases. In addition, harmful CO2 and NOx emissions are released during the combustion, whereby the average annual quantity is comparable to the emissions of several thousand passenger cars. Induction quench & temper lines work free of emissions.


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