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Induktives Erwärmen

ForgeLine - More efficient forging

With ForgeLine for an economic solution

For forges, Elotherm has developed the ForgeLine furnace series, offering a suitable machine for essentially any product and capacity. All furnaces feature a modular architecture, which can be quickly and efficiently configured to meet individual requirements.

Convincing: effectiveness and heating rate

With the energy-efficient induction process, heat is generated directly in the workpiece. Compared to conventional heating technologies, Elotherm induction heaters are six times faster on an average.

Innovation iZone
Innovation iZone

Elotherm's technology for increasing
plant efficiency and lowering manufacturing
unit costs.
Highly productive billet heating
Highly productive billet heating
The EloForge heater series can
be adapted to the most varied customer
Energy-efficient bar heating
Energy-efficient bar heating
EloBar heating lines are in service
worldwide and achieve excellent results.

Special Applications
Special Applications
For the heating of individual parts
and special materials, Elotherm offers
cost-effective solutions..

Constant workpiece temperature

Induction heating ensures constant workpiece ­temperatures with consistent high throughput. Unlike traditional combustion furnaces, Elotherm induction heaters can change process temperature setpoints instantly.

Higher-quality forged product

By the use of clean induction heating technology, scale formation and surface decarburization can be considerably minimized. This means: high surface quality, reduced rework, and increased forging tool life.

Productivity gains

Due to the combination of short heating path, short startup times and discharging compliant with the forging cycle, Elotherm induction furnaces typically offer an increase in production from 50 to 150 % compared to traditional furnace technology.

Making use of all saving potentials

The benefit of the induction technology is not only the fast and precise introduction of heat but also its instant shutdown to conserve valuable energy during tool and program changes. By contrast, conventional furnaces have to be operated with reduced capacity at idling speed, which negatively affects the energy balance.

  • Labor savings through high degree of automation
  • Small space requirement
  • Eco-friendly and emission-free
  • High operational reliability and availability


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