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Induktives Härten

ModuLine - Induction Hardening: Automotive

EloScan dual spindle scanner

Based on our customer requirements over the years and our vast innovative ex periences with them, Tech Induction as the market leader in design, build and repair of engineered induction tooling in combination with our parent company SMS Elotherm’s knowhow, have developed a highly versatile new dual spindle scanner.

EloScan dual spindle scanner

The result is the economical, modular EloScan to raise the bar in induction scanner technology! Beside some of the many key features such as the 1000 lb work holding and a 12” centerline between the spindles to cover all of our customer needs, the EloScan dual spindle scanner can be characterized as a robust long-term reliability system providing the end user with a short-term return on their investment.

You can count on Tech Induction’s and SMS Elotherm’s experience and service.

Controlling the complete process

Generally, induction hardening is a clean process. In addition, the EloCrank and EloFlex facilities of Elotherm do not require hydraulic equipment which might result in contaminations of the quenching medium. In hardening, the process sequence normally consists of heating, holding, quenching and possibly tempering. Elotherm has detailed knowledge of the interrelated effects of these processes and their influence on metallurgy. Based on this know-how, the effectiveness of machine technology has been continually optimized so that the consumption of electrical energy was reduced considerably.

Induction hardening of crankshafts
Induction hardening of crankshafts

Elotherm is one of the market leaders in the
field of hardening plants for crankshafts,
and has built up a unique know-how.

Steering, axle and gear components
Steering, axle and gear components
Elotherm's induction hardening
technology offers new solutions.

Shafts and toothed racks
Shafts and toothed racks
Elotherm has comprehensive and
up-to-date process know-how for hardening
complicated geometries
Special applications
Special applications
For this wide range of most varied shapes,
sizes and weights, Elotherm provides special
custom-made solutions..

Convincing effectiveness

Elotherm has improved the hardening process con­tinuously and has implemented it in a highly energy-efficient way. One example of this is the new converter generation with a constantly high power factor (cos phi). Induction plants of Elotherm require about 20 percent less energy than comparable facilities.

The main reason for this is that the converters for power generation and the inductors for power provision at Elotherm are all from one single source and are perfectly harmonized with each other. Therefore, Elotherm achieves the highest efficiency on the market which protects the environment and reduces the unit costs.

Decisive overall balance

If one compares the induction hardening processes with traditional furnace technique, induction hardening requires much less energy, it is performed much faster and it additionally minimizes distortion. A time-consuming and cost- and energy-intensive preheating as with the furnace is no longer necessary. And when the induction hardening plants are not used they simply switch into energy efficient standby mode.


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ModuLine - Induction Hardening: AutomotiveModuLine
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