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Converters and inductors

Competence for better profitability

Converter, oscillating circuit, inductor – together they are the heart of every induction plant. These factors substantially determine the process reliability and economy for the customer. For that purpose, Elotherm has brought together all core competences under one roof – from in-house development to ­in-plant production.

Open for the future

Modular design and standardizations of the EloMat converters make sure that efficiency, ­durability and serviceability are achieved. For any application, the EloMat converters for LLC, series and parallel oscillating circuits provide an optimum power source. Frequencies of up to 600 kHz and an output of 4500 kHz for each converter unit are realized by modern transistor circuits.

EloMat converters stand out thanks to their modern digital control and a user-friendly operating concept. Very flexible interfaces enable a harmonic integration into process control systems and higher-level plant controls.

Perfect workpiece adaptation

Inductors of Elotherm are combining highest precision and high efficiency with process reliability. As interface between machine and workpiece, surrounding round, shape or line inductors are used. Calculation and ­simulation programs developed by Elotherm ensure application-specific implementations and proper dimensioning and thus a high level of process quality.

  • Converters and inductors of our own manufacture
  • Durable, easy-to-service components
  • Future-oriented continuous development through our own research


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