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Double anniversary at SMS Elotherm coming up in June 2013

10 years of dynamic and innovative growth within the SMS group, 75 years of induction technology made in Remscheid – this can be considered a double success.

When in 1938 the first induction hardening machine for crankshafts was built on the old Elotherm premises in Remscheid-Hasten, the prosperous future of the technology as well as the company was only in the beginning.

After decades with the world renown name AEG Elotherm, in the year 2003 the company was integrated into the SMS group, which unites global players in plant and machinery construction for processing steel and NF metals, operating under the roof of SMS Holding GmbH. It consists of the two Business Areas SMS Siemag and SMS Meer as well as industrial participations. The family-owned company – now run by the fourth generation – stands out for its strong market position, corporate culture of responsibility, plus high-performance products and services tailored to individual customer requirements.

This strong backing by the SMS group allowed SMS Elotherm to grow its business into new geographical areas as well as technological fields. New Elotherm organizations have been found since in the USA, China, France, Brazil and India. Additionally, the companies Tech Induction located near Detroit, USA and IAS located in Iserlohn, Germany have been acquired. Both are leaders in their markets. While Tech Induction is the largest North American Induction Tooling supplier, IAS is dedicated to develop and supply world class induction heating solutions for extrusion presses as well as mid-sized induction melting equipment.

Next to the traditional applications, e.g. the hardening of automotive components, the induction heating of bars and billets prior to die forging or the tube welding and annealing processes, SMS Elotherm has greatly enlarged its portfolio. Partially driven by the requirements of the SMS group, innovative and energy-efficient Ecoplants have been developed and installed worldwide. Among others, the induction Quench & Temper systems for heat treating bar material or tubular goods, as well as the induction re-heating modules for either long or flat products have been integrated into green – and brownfield plants of SMS Meer and SMS Siemag. In any case, the replacement or partial substitution of conventional combustion furnaces aiming at drastically reducing emissions such as CO2, SO2 or NOx provides sustainable and  eco-friendly, but economically successful production solutions.

Both important milestones, 10 years within the SMS group and 75 years of induction innovations, will be celebrated with a dedicated anniversary event in June 2013.

In Elotherm’s assembly hall a range of induction machines and systems will be on display, induction specialists will present innovative electro-heating solutions to an expert audience and also there will be a classy evening event topping this special anniversary-double.

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