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EloHeat for slab heating

Less energy consumption at Nucor Steel

SMS Siemag has been awarded an order by Nucor Steel Berkeley, South Carolina, USA, to upgrade the CSP® plant at that place. In future, the company intends to produce finished strip to be thinner and broader by 200 millimeters. Between the CSP® furnace and the mill train, SMS Elotherm will install the induction heating system Elo- Heat . As a result, total energy consumption of the plant will be reduced considerably.

”With broader and thinner products we will continue our strategy,” says John J. Ferriola, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nucor Corporation. ”It is our goal to produce higher-quality flat-rolled steel products and the modernization precisely suits this concept: the production of high-end products with low energy consumption.”

Behind the CSP® furnace, induction heating increases the slab temperature, whereby the inlet temperature for the rolling process is flexibly set to the proper level. In this way, rolling mill loads are reduced and smaller final gages can be produced from highstrength steel grades. Due to a targeted application of induction heating, the furnace temperature of the upstream continuous slab furnace can be permanently kept at a low level resulting in considerably lower gas consumption and thus reduced costs.

”Hybrid slab heating with EloHeat induction technology and CSP® furnace ensures that a higher, homogeneous temperature level is reached,” says Anis Abdurahman, Project Manager Sales at SMS Elotherm. ”The already existing cost advantage of CSP® over conventional hot rolling technology is further increased.”

Commissioning: at the beginning of 2013.

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