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Tung Ho orders new reheating system from SMS Elotherm

Mr. Henry Ho, President of Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp. and Dr. Andreas Seitzer of SMS Elotherm handshaking at the official order signing ceremony

Tung Ho Steel ordered a new induction system from SMS Elotherm for their production plant for medium and large sections in Miaoli (Taiwan). With the new induction reheater, Tung Ho Steel greatly decreases heavy oil consumption while at the same time reducing emissions. In addition, the new system allows quick reheating of various materials and geometries.

Fast and clean

“Different from the through-feed mode in the Minimill with Continuous Mill Technology (CMT ), the new application provides an oscillation mode heating strategy” says Dr. Opezzo. The beam blanks, blooms or slabs are conveyed from the walking beam furnace into the induction reheating system, where they oscillate back and forth inside the induction coils in order to very quickly gain more than 200°C prior to the downstream rolling process.

“This oscillation mode takes, dependent on the steel bar’s geometry between 2 and 5 minutes only,” says Dr. Guido Opezzo, Senior Sales Executive of SMS Elotherm. “Since the induction process creates the heat directly inside the steel mass it is a very quick process prohibiting the formation of scale.”

The 19.2 MW system is powered by four individual medium frequency Transistor Converters rated 4,800 kW each. Each converter feeds two inductors. To match the best suitable temperature for the downstream rolling process, the power injected to the steel bars needs to be adjusted. Therefore, Doppler-Laser technology speed measurement devices in combination with strategically positioned optical pyrometers are used to control the process.

Variety of geometries can be reheated

The entire product mix shows various materials and geometries ranging from a 480 X 430 beam blank to a 1250 X 220 slab, all between 4 and 10 meters long. This large variety of geometries can be reheated with only three different types of inductor sets. Together with the Elotherm Quick Inductor Changeover system lowest downtimes are ensured.

The new reheating line will be commissioned in the third quarter 2014.


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