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SMS Elotherm and Tech Induction Corporation to join forces

A broader base for innovative induction technology

SMS Elotherm, the induction specialist in the SMS Meer Business Area, and Tech Induction Corporation, Detroit, have joined forces to improve the support of customers in North America. The new line-up will allow the two partners to offer a wider range of products and services. The result is an industry expert with a broad base of inductive solutions for North America - with a strong local presence for customers.

Also ensured is a more rapid and low-cost supply of spare parts to customers, service products of OEM quality can be provided locally, the range of competent points of contact for modernization projects and tool developments is improved further.

Tech Induction has been building and repairing inductors for more than 25 years. Customers include mainly the automotive industry as well as manufacturers of heavy machinery and agricultural vehicles in North America, as well as in Europe and Asia.

"Tech Induction enjoys an excellent reputation for innovative induction technology - this is exactly what also our customers expect", says Dr. Andreas Seitzer, Managing Director, Technology and Sales, of SMS Elotherm. "Especially business partners in the USA will directly profit from the extended range of products and services. Together we are even closer to the market and can now respond more flexibly to customer demands". Products such as hardening inductors and heating coils will now be manufactured at two locations: both in Remscheid, Germany, and in North America.

Tech Induction will contribute to the joint business a 3,500 sq.m. production workshop in Detroit, the heart of the US automotive industry. This includes the company's own R&D department plus a repair shop for inductors from all manufacturers.

The Tech Induction brand will continue to run as part of the newly formed SMS Elotherm LLC. The former President Darren Martens will continue to manage the company in this position and ensure continuity is maintained.




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