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Premiere of the new EloScan

EloScan low resolutionTech Induction premiered the EloScan dual spindle induction hardening machine at the 2013 Heat Treat show in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA). A joint development of Tech Induction (USA) and its parent company, SMS Elotherm GmbH (Germany), the EloScan meets American market demands for a heavy duty version of SMS Elotherm’s EloFlex vertical hardening machines.


The base model EloScan simultaneously hardens two cylindrical workpieces, e.g. axle shafts or camshafts, up to a length of 1200 mm (48 inches) – easily upgradeable to 1500 mm (60 inches) and more – with a maximum spindle load of 450 kg (1000 lbs). The 300 kW converter is integrated with Allen Bradley controls, featuring an intuitive HMI to control and monitor the hardening process.


The system’s robust modular design combines a power supply, programmable scanner controls, quench and water recirculation system, and two heat stations on a common base frame. This compact integrated solution reduces floor space and overall assembly by about 30 % compared to conventional systems. Energy consumption is also significantly lower due to optimized electrical interconnections. Flexible standard modules allow the EloScan to be quickly and easily configured (and reconfigured if needed) according to changing requirements over the life of the system. “With lower investment costs and total costs of ownership, the EloScan will help customers compete now and in the future.” says Torsten Schaefer, Vice President Sales of Tech Induction. Moreover, the EloScan can operate as a standalone machine or as part of a fully automated cell.


Tech Induction has served North America with induction tooling, engineering, and aftermarket support for over 25 years. By joining SMS Elotherm in 2011, the firm can now offer a comprehensive line of locally supported, world-class induction technologies. The EloScan highlights SMS Elotherm’s global approach of developing subsidiaries into full-line induction OEMs. Engineered and manufactured at the Tech Induction plant near Detroit, the EloScan is ready for export to quality-oriented customers around the world.


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